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Inside the Gift Man set you will find beauty products for each phase of the day, your beauty routine begins in fact with the Moringa and Tribulus Terrestris food supplement.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This is the second time I buy from this website! Reliable, fast delivery. I have to say, this product does what it's supposed to do. It's the second pack I order and I will order it again... Thank you, RedMoringa! Chantal

Natural ingredients

Made in Italy

Dermatologically Tested

Anti-aging function

RED MORINGA – Gift Set for Men RedMoringa Man

We produce in Italy and carry forward the philosophy of Natural.

The cosmetics in the RedBeauty range are an exclusive RedMoringa. Formulated in Italy with natural ingredients, they take care of your skin and hair thanks to a beauty secret: Moringa Oleifera. From this incredible plant, our laboratories have extracted a protein peptide with extraordinary anti-pollution and anti-aging properties.

Discover the only natural cosmetic line in Italy based on Moringa, give or treat yourself to the elegant Gift Set RedMoringa Man, inside you will find:

  • Food supplement Moringa and Tribulus designed specifically for men who want to increase their physical performance.
  • RedMoringa Shampoo based on Moringa, Pomegranate and Argan Extract, helps to strengthen the hair making it stronger and shinier.
  • Moringa shower gel, hyaluronic acid, aloe and green tea extract. Made without salt to deeply hydrate the whole skin.
  • Beard oil with Moringa and notes of Black Pepper, moisturizes and “tames” even the stubbest beard, leaving it soft and fragrant.
  • “RedMoringa Gift” gift box


Give the benefits of Moringa to the people you love. Amaze with the only completely Italian range of cosmetics entirely based on this incredible plant.

Inside the Man gift set, you will find beauty products for each phase of the day, your beauty routine begins in fact with the food supplement Moringa and Tribulus Terrestris. Tribulus is a plant from which we extract the steroid saponins to which Ayurvedic medicine attributes energizing properties. In traditional medicine, tribulus is recognized as a tonic and helps metabolic support, perfect for those who want to increase the effects of regular exercise.

After physical activity, warm up the shower to take a moment to relax and wash your hair with our absolute best-selling product: the shampoo with Moringa, Argan and extract of Pomegranate. Leaves hair cleaner and longer.

For the body, on the other hand, we have studied a salt-free, natural and EcoBio bath and shower based on Moringa extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe and green tea extract with a powerful antioxidant action thanks to the richness of polyphenols, such as Epigallocatechin gallate.

Finally, apply a few drops of Moringa Beard Oil, for a well-groomed appearance and a soft and tidy beard. Enriched with a slight note of Black pepper.



The supplement based on Tribulus and extract titrated at 90% in saponins of Tribulus Terrestris is indicated for adults who practice sport, having a action of metabolic and tonic support. It is in fact useful as a tonic against physical and mental tiredness.


A Bubble bath enriched with Aloe Vera, which helps to improve the integrity of the skin, and Green Tea extract , which with its richness in carotenoids, saponins, vitamins C and E, mineral salts, flavonoids and bioflavonoids, has the effect of a powerful antioxidant, with purifying and astringent properties.


Clean hair up to 72 hours. It’s not utopia, it’s the EcoBio Shampoo with Moringa. Enriched with Pomegranate extracts and Argan Oil, without SLS, Parabens, Silicones, Mineral Oils. Hair shiny and healthy.


Also perfect on the most bristly and brittle beards and as a soothing aftershave, due to its exceptional protective characteristics, nourishing and soothing, RedMoringa Beard Oil with Argan, Jojoba and Macadamia regenerates in depth, with an excellent effect anti frizz


Because well-being is synonymous with beauty, and the eye also wants its part. The RedMoringa Gift box is free.


Moringa is the most nutrient-dense plant ever discovered

The leaves contain 46 potent antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatory agents, including quercetin and caffeoylquinic acid, the 30% vegetable protein and all eight essential amino acids.

This makes Moringa not only a real superfood, but also a treasure trove of all-round benefits for the body.

From the Tribulus Terrestris, a plant of the Zygophyllaceae family, the Saponins, molecules of the Glycosides family are extracted. Our Supplement is formulated with dry extract of 90% Saponins from Tribulus Terrestris, rich in steroidal saponins!

Tribulus is often used as a Ayurvedic aphrodisiac remedy to increase the libido (both in men and women) and help men in some sexual dysfunction.

Famous in sporting circles, especially in Eastern Europe, the Tribulus Terrestris supplements work as a tonic for both body and mind.

The Purifying function of Moringa is incredible

In this Exclusive gift set you will find all the benefits of Moringa enclosed in the supplement with Tribulus and in the Eco-Bio Cosmetics.

RedMoringa Shampoo is a paraben-free, silicone-free, natural, cruelty-free product, produced in Italy. Moringa extract has unique ANTIPOLLUTION characteristics: it creates a thin film around the hair that protects it from impurities, your hair will thus be cleaner for longer and more naturally.

The RedMoringa shower gel, in addition to being a concentrate of active ingredients including Moringa extract, Green Tea with Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe, is made with a special formulation with no added salt.

In many cases, sodium chloride is used in cosmetic products (including natural ones) to dilute the active ingredients, but it tends to irritate the scalp and dry the skin. Our natural formula with no added salt multiplies the effectiveness and hydration capacity of the shower gel.

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We grow Moringa in Spain with EU organic certification and process it in Italy to guarantee you the best quality and a traceable supply chain.

Each of our supplements is designed primarily to help with the specific problem. This is a time-consuming process that requires extensive study.

That's why you'll only find a few products in our shop, made with high-quality standardized dry extracts and a large portion of love.

"We want to restore one of nature's most amazing plants to its former glory: the Moringa Oleifera."

Alberto & Luca RedMoringa Founders

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Benefits of Moringa

All of our nutritional supplements are based on organic Moringa, a true treasure trove of natural well-being. Moringa is the best known antioxidant plant, rich in vitamins, calcium, plant proteins and amino acids.

Discover the only Italian line of food supplements based on Moringa Oleifera.

Find well-being again!